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Catherine Sitzman Del Paggio and Thomas Padgett

Catherine Del Paggio and Thomas Padgett

“We don’t remember ever having a dish so spectacular that we wanted to have our photo taken with it!  Your paella was superb, Jack”







George Rosenblatt, Travel Writer

George Rosenblatt, Travel Writer


Need I say more?”







I have sampled Chef Kimberlee Moore‘s food many times over the 8 years I have known her, in individual and large gatherings, and have never been disappointed. Her strengths lie in consistently preparing fresh ingredients and tastefully seasoned food that is always presented in an appealing fashion. She is my ‘go to’ for catering and menu preparation for the many charitable events as well as private parties I am involved in. 

– Mary Abrams

“We have had the pleasure of Chef Kimberlee Moore coming to our home and preparing hors d’oeuvres then following that up with a delicious salad and entree with potatoes and vegetables.  Kimberlee and her daughter prepared, served, and cleared as we enjoyed dinner with our guests.  We would recommend Chef Kimberlee and will definitely have her return to our home for future events.”

– Ken & Barb Jackson

My wife and I have been fortunate to experience Kimberlee’s growth as a chef.  We were at Willow Fork Country Club when she became the Executive Chef, so we got to enjoy all the exciting and tasty additions to our dining menu.  Another benefit of Kimberlee’s improved menu was how many more members started eating at the club again.  We look forward to her next adventure and her newest dining  accomplishments.

-S. Glaser

 Chef Jack Tyler cooked a Texas Barbeque on my patio for 35 guests of mine from New Jersey (as well as some from Houston). He prepared smoked brisket, smoked sausages, potato salad, shrimp Cole slaw and Texas cowboy beans. I am still getting phone calls and e-mails from my guests thanking me for the Texas hospitality… and their first taste of real Texas barbeque. Thank you SO much for making my party a complete success!

– Barbara Moore


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