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Looking for a lift from mealtime monotony? Need a celebratory gathering, but don’t have the energy? Want a romantic dinner for two, but don’t have a clue how to make it? Let Texas Private Chefs entertain you.

Tom Yum Goong

Texas Private Chefs can provide unique home-cooked meals born of years of experience, miles of expertise and a love of food, travel and fun! They can turn your kitchen into a cantina, your dining room into a casbah or your patio into a party. Let our dining experts show you how beautiful dishes made by loving hands can change your world.

How about Large Events and Weddings? We have specialist-chefs for everything you could want in an event, from an outdoor Paella Dinner for 250 guests to a  Texas Chuck Wagon at your location serving your guests barbeque and other typical cowboy and cattle drive cuisine!

Our chefs are not hide-in-the-kitchen cooks… they are personalities and celebrity chefs who interact with your guests to educate and entertain them. They are the cream-of-the-crop of Texas chefs. They only hide in the kitchen if you want them to.

Texas PrivateChefs.com is your go-to source for intimate dinners to large events when you want the dinner to be THE MAIN EVENT!

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