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You’re in the mood for a very special meal, but you just don’t want to cook (or you just don’t want to go out).  You may be entertaining from two to four people all the way up to hundreds! TexasPrivateChefs.com is your introduction to some of Texas’ finest and most entertaining chefs.

You need special diets such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free? Call 713-416-3886!



Imagine a cooking demonstration on your patio with YOUR PRIVATE CHEF entertaining your guests… answering their questions about the preparation of your menu for the night and a beautiful restaurant-quality meal prepared right before their eyes! You can make that all happen for you by calling 713-416-3886.


You’re in charge of your company’s marketing and you want your next trade show exhibition to turn heads and have your business prospects line up at your booth for Paella… Crawfish (in season)… Barbeque… even Brisket and a complete cowboy meal served from an authentic cattle ranch Chuck Wagon! You have an outdoor wedding with 200 guests and want a gourmet feast cooked on-site. How about seafood Paella cooked outdoors in a six-foot-wide paella pan (maybe even paired with Spanish wines and with a Flamenco dancer) entertaining your guests. You can make all if this happen for you by calling 713-416-3886!

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    I am a chef in Tyler Texas

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